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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pvt. George Dull, Co. D

Not much is known about Pvt. George Dull's life, but a recently discovered letter in "Old Dorm", or Schmucker Hall, at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg has made some people take notice of him.

Follow THIS LINK to read Vicki Rock's story in the Somerset (PA) Daily American about the discovery of Pvt. Dull's letter and what is known about his life.

George Dull's tombstone from Mt. Hope Cemetery, Ellis, KS

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  1. I'm not sure if they have correct his siblings names though. Also in 1880 he was still in PA and numerous children were listed in the household with Sarah & George. Not sure why they didn't acknowledge the other children. By 1900 census they had migrated to Kansas, where previous DULL family had moved. In the 1910 census Arvilla DULL is no longer mentioned. However the other children:
    Mary, Frank, William, John, and Jacob are mentioned.

    In other research, George is claimed to have the following siblings: Wilamina DULL,
    Adaline DULL,
    Sarah Angeline DULL,
    Amanda DULL,
    Mary Margaret DULL,
    Abraham DULL,
    Simon Barjonas DULL,
    Daniel J DULL,
    Henrietta DULL, and
    Jacob F DULL.

    Few of them are even cited in the articles regarding the suspected George the letter was to. I'm a descendant of Abram/Abraham Dull, George's brother (one not mentioned by the historians in the article. So I'm puzzled as to where they got their genealogical information.

    Sincerely A.S. David