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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Company C Roster

Part of the purpose of this site is to remember EVERY member of the 142nd PVI. One of the most efficient ways is to list the roster of each company. This post will show the roster for Co. C 142nd PVI. This company was raised in Somerset, Somerset County, PA.

The cemeteries listed are based on information from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War graves registration database, local historical and genealogical societies, personal visits to the cemeteries, and Pennsylvania's veteran burial index. They are accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you know the burial location for a 142nd veteran that is not listed here, please email me at bmonticue@gmail.com.

These rosters were compiled by Samuel P. Bates "according to act of Congress" of the State of Pennsylvania in 1869. Bates' History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5 is a mountainous, five volume set that gives an overview of every infantry, cavalry, and artillery regiment that was raised in Pennsylvania, along with a complete regimental roster.

This roster is also found in Col. Horatio Warren's Two Reunions of the 142d Regiment, Pa. Vols.

Please click on a soldier's last name to view more about him. Links will be added as more soldiers' bios are gathered.  

Last NameFirst NameRankMuster InCemetery
AnsellMichaelPvtAug 25, 1862Alliance Church Scullton, PA
AnsellDavidPvtAug 25, 1862KIA Fredericksburg Dec. 13, 1862
BerkeyElijahPvtAug 25, 1862Military Asylum Prison - Washington DC
BeyersJohnPvtAug 25, 1862Antietam Nat'l Cem Grave 3815
BitnerJacobCorpAug 25, 1862Rockwood IOOF, Rockwood, PA
BitnerJosephCorpAug 25, 1862New Centerville Union, New Centerville, PA
BowlbySamuelPvtAug 25, 1862
BoytsJohn H.CaptAug 27, 1862Somerset Union, Somerset, PA
BoytsFranklin (B.F.)SgtAug 25, 1862Hill Grove Cemetery Connellsville, PA
BoytsBenjamin APvtAug 25, 1862Leavenworth Nat'l Cemetery, Leavenworth, KS
BoytsHiramPvtAug 25, 1862Died at Washington DC August 28, 1864
BrougherSamuel H.SgtAug 25, 1862Mt. Moriah Cem, Philadelphia, Sctn. 200 Lot 378
CunninghamJames C.PvtAug 25, 1862Forest Hill Cem, Greencastle, Putnam Co, IN
CuppHiramPvtAug 25, 1862KIA Gettysburg
CuppIsaiahPvtAug 25, 1862Rhoads Cemetery, Black Twp, Somerset Co, PA
DavisAugustusSgtAug 25, 1862Somerset Union, Somerset, PA
DumbauldFrederickPvtAug 25, 1862Old Bethel, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
ElderHenry G.CaptAug 27, 1862Riverside Cemetery, Denver, CO
ElderCharles  MusicianAug 25, 1862Loudon Park Nat'l Cemetery, Baltimore, MD
FaithWilliamPvtAug 26, 1862Mt. Olive Brethern, Bullskin Twp, Fayette Co, PA
FirestoneMichael A.PvtAug 30, 1862Hill Grove Cemetery Connellsville, PA
ForespringGarretPvtAug 25, 1862Meyersdale Union, Meyersdale, PA
GerhartSamuel CorpAug 25, 1862Andersonville Nat'l Cem grave 9005
GrayHenry  PvtAug 25, 1862St. Paul's Wilhelm
GrowallPeterPvtAug 26, 1862Fredericksburg Nat'l Cemetery #5786
GrowallAnthonyPvtAug 26, 1862Hauger Church, Black Twp, Somerset Co, PA
HarcombBenjamin F.SgtAug 25, 1862Bakersville Cemetery, Bakersville, PA
HarsbergerJacobPvtAug 25, 1862Calvary Church, Jenner Twp, PA
HartJacobPvtAug 25, 1862Cameron Cemetery, Cameron, WV
HartmanAaron P.PvtAug 25, 1862Caldwell, Sumner County, KS
HeinbaughJohnPvtAug 26, 1862Greenlick Cemetery, Bullskin Twp, Fayette Co, PA
HemmingerAlexPvtAug 25, 1862KIA Fredericksburg
HenryJoshuaPvtAug 25, 1862Sabetha Cemetery, Nemaha County, KS
HinchmanNathan O.  2nd LtAug 25, 1862Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland, MD  
HoffmanJohn J.1st SgtAug 25, 1862Somerset Union, Somerset, PA
HooverJohnPvtAug 25, 1862Sabetha Cemetery, Nemaha County, KS
HornerDanielPvtAug 25, 1862Somerset Union, Somerset, PA
HumbertWesleyCorpAug 25, 1862St. John's, Somerset Twp, PA
HunterCharles F.1st SgtAug 25, 1862Friedens Lutheran, Friedens, PA
KimmelJohnPvtAug 25, 1862Bethany, Somerset Twp, PA
KingHarrisonPvtAug 25, 1862KIA Fredericksburg Dec. 13, 1862
KnableJerome B.CorpAug 25, 1862Sandyvale Cemetery, Cambria County, PA
KregerJacobPvtAug 25, 1862Kingwood Ch of God, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
LeePerryPvtAug 26, 1862Arlington Natl Cemetery Sctn 27 site 365
LevingstonJacob W.PvtAug 25, 1862Cook Farm, Jenner Twp, PA
LevingstonLeviPvtAug 25, 1862Mt. Zion Lutheran, Jenner Twp, PA
MarkelRingoldPvtAug 25, 1862Poplar Grove Nat'l Cem Div. D sec. B grave 43
May DanielPvtAug 25, 1862Fredericksburg Nat'l Cemetery #5371
MeyersJonasCorpAug 25, 1862Kingwood Lutheran, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
MillerGilliamPvtAug 25, 1862Hauger Church, Black Twp, Somerset Co, PA
MillerDaniel J.PvtAug 25, 1862Mt. Zion Lutheran, Jenner Twp, PA
MinerMartinPvtAug 25, 1862Normalville Cemetery, Normalville, PA
MoorePeterPvtAug 25, 1862Edie Reform, Lincoln Twp, Somerset Co, PA
NedrowJosephPvtAug 25, 1862Maple Cemetery, Salem, NE
NichelsonJacob S.CorpAug 25, 1862Mt. Zion, Markleton, PA
NicklerDavidPvtAug 25, 1862Milford Cemetery, Koscuisko County, IN 
NicklerWilliamPvtAug 26, 1862Alexandria National Cemetery Sctn A site 676
NickolsonAdamPvtAug 26, 1862Jersey Church, Lower Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
NicolaSamuelPvtAug 25, 1862Ursina Cemetery, Ursina, PA
NicolaSimonPvtAug 25, 1862MIA The Wilderness May 5, 1864
PhillipiJacob SgtAug 25, 1862Kingwood Lutheran, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
PhillipiNormanCorpAug 25, 1862Muscotah Cemetery, Atchison County, KS
PileSimonCorpAug 25, 1862Pleasant Hill, Milford Twp, Somerset Co, PA
PilePeterPvtAug 25, 1862New Centerville Union, New Centerville, PA
PileWilliamPvtAug 25, 1862Middlecreek Church, Middlecreek Twp, PA
PileGeorge W.PvtAug 25, 1862
PrittsJacobPvtAug 25, 1862Gracelawn Cem, Edmond, OK 
RectorWashingtonPvtAug 25, 1862Rockwood IOOF, Rockwood, PA
RoseAndrew JacksonPvtAug 25, 1862Normalville Cemetery, Normalville, PA
RoseHenryPvtAug 25, 1862South Fork Cem, Croyle, Cambria County, PA
ShaulisSimonPvtAug 25, 1862Orange Twp Cem, Black Hawk Twp, IA
ShellySamuelPvtAug 25, 1862Manchester Union, York County, PA
SmithDavidPvtAug 25, 1862
SnyderGeorgeMusicianAug 25, 1862Husband Cemetery, Somerset Twp, PA
StutzmanEliasPvtAug 25, 1862Wills Church, Somerset Twp, PA
SullivanIrvinPvtAug 25, 1862Kingwood IOOF, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
TrimpeyJohnPvtAug 25, 1862Kingwood IOOF, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA
VoughtJohnPvtAug 25, 1862
WableFoster C.PvtAug 25, 1862Maple Grove Cemetery, Findlay, OH
WalterJacob R.1st LtAug 27, 1862Somerset Union, Somerset, PA
WelfleyPeterPvtAug 25, 1862
WeimerDavidPvtAug 25, 1862KIA Fredericksburg December 13, 1862
YoderSamuel B.PvtAug 25, 1862Mispah Cemetery, Stoneycreek Twp, PA
YoungDanielSgtAug 26, 1862
ZufalAaron  PvtAug 26, 1862Grandview Cemetery, Johnstown, PA
ZufalJacobPvtAug 26, 1862White Oaks Cemetery, Larimer Twp, PA

BoytsJohn H.
BoytsFranklin (B.F.)
BoytsBenjamin A
BrougherSamuel H.
CumminsRobert P.
CunninghamJames C.
ElderHenry G.
FirestoneMichael A.
HarcombBenjamin F.
HartmanAaron P.
HinchmanNathan O.  
HoffmanJohn J.
HunterCharles F.
KnableJerome B.
LevingstonJacob W.
May Daniel
MillerDaniel J.
NichelsonJacob S.
PileGeorge W.
RoseAndrew Jackson
WableFoster C.
WalterJacob R.
YoderSamuel B.

1 comment:

  1. Samuel A. Nicola, a kind and gentle...and strong man (pension information). He helped his neighbors clear their fields.

    Samuel A. Nicola married Margaret Firestone. They were married in her parents' home in Drakestown.

    They had four children: William, Elisha, Sabina, and Mary. I descend from Elisha.

    Elisha married Elphena Paugh. They had Winfield S. Nicola and Mary E.

    Winfield was my paternal grandfather. He married Effie Mae Savage and they had several children. My father was their son, Raymond Nicklow (spelling had changed).

    Samuel's neighbors/friends had written in the pension report that he was a stocky man and quite strong. He was able to clear fields by hand...he did this for his neighbors.

    During the Civil War, Samuel wore a kerchief across one eye because the pain in the eye was severe. He eventually lost vision in that eye.

    While in service, he also burned his foot badly. Pouringcoffee at night with his visual, some coffee found it's way into his boot, hospitalizing him. He walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

    Samuel's gravestone is in Ursina, PA. I'll share the story of finding the gravestone:

    We visited Ursina at the urging of Rhonda Loveless of Utah. She had done research and had information on the family. One LDS worker connected me to Rhonda. She shared her information with me and our family made a trip to Ursina, PA, to look for the grave.

    In Ursina, there exist 3 main cemeteries: Hogsback, the old church cemetery and the Ursina Cemetery. We searched all those and even a tiny Ream family cemetery that had been washed out once. Nothing.

    It was getting late and our four children were getting tired. We just felt we needed to search the one cemetery once more. We re-visited the Ursina Cemetery. After canvassing the grounds with still no success, we decided to return to the van and end our searching. On the way back to the van, a large grasshopper landed on my shoulder. As I brushed the grasshopper off and looked back beyond it, I noticed a rosebush that I had not noticed before.

    We went to the rosebush. My husband trimmed it nicely just to help make it look better. The trimming enabled us to see what was there...a headstone...and, yes, it was Samuel's! Some researchers have shared that when the time was right, a certain book would fall from a shelf and they would find the information they sought. Well, this was not a book, but a grasshopper will do.

    I am hoping to connect with others who have ancestors from this regiment/company/area.