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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pvt. Jacob Kreger, Co. C

Jacob Kreger of Co. C was born and raised in the village of Kingwood, in Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Jacob joined the 142nd on 25 Aug 1862 and saw his first and only battle action at Fredericksburg, VA on 13 Dec 1862. It was in this battle that he lost his right leg. A 1944 newspaper article about his grandson stated that Jacob laid wounded on the battlefield for two days and three nights before someone realized that he was wasn't dead. He returned home to Pennsylvania, married Susannah Dumbauld, and owned and operated a general store in Kingwood.

Above is a picture of the Kreger house that Jacob had built. He is the 3rd person from the left, sitting on a chair on the porch. This house is currently the parsonage for the Kingwood Church of God. Jacob was one of the church's first trustees, and he also donated land to build the church and now rests in it's cemetery, 150 feet from where he lived.
Above is the original Kingwood Church of God building

This is a picture of Jacob Kreger in his latter years. The loss of his right leg did not stop him from running a successful business and building one of the nicest homes in Kingwood.

Grave of Jacob and Susannah Kreger in the Kingwood Church of God Cemetery, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, PA. Many of their descendents still live in the area and worship at the church that Jacob was instrumental in bringing to fruition.

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